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Versuri Blood Sweat And Tears

Yo Yo c'mon son Yo they killin em out there son They dyin out there son, word up Yo they killin us son, I'm tellin you Y'all niggas c'mon that's my word Y'all better c'mon Yo wake up son They dyin son Yo, c'mon nigga, wake up C'mon It took me 24 years to figure out what makes this world go round It's not man holding ground with dope sound We gots to ask Why do you feel that a meal can make you ill When you know that Broke Bill can still See right through your plastic ass Before crack was a sport and we had thoughts of getting busy Before death left, and fame had his way The town: Brownsville The place: The Ill Follow the trail of resh blood drips you'll end up on my bricks The Marks: Home of the warrior thrown home Our true thugs that's dead and gone In the hills most effective chrome Return to these graves Showin youngsters what I'm facin Cause we had trouble We been strugglin since single shot gauges That's straight ghetto bad luck But, I done passed up more shit Than you may ever touch What, we on sacred grounds Without the guidance of our fathers All we know is how to double clutch revolvers Me and my own staff flaunt a different path I'm tryin to dip shit minus in your highness The finest of kickin half Honest to god, I'm layin down my card It's been hard, for too many years Blood sweat and tears These 3 words (Man got somethin to say) Blood, sweat, tears (MOP Family) These 3 words (We went to the death, we knew he was dead and gone) Blood, sweat, tears (We comin all the way from New York City, hear me out) These 3 words Blood, sweat, tears These 3 words Blood, sweat, tears Go head nigga A whole lot changed since my brother left (I can feel you baby) And since my mother's death (I can feel you baby) But as time past, I could see my life flash Leavin the body and there's no breath (I can feel ya) I chose not to let my beretta swing Cause I'm a veteran And I'm livin for the better things It's cold-hearted B Check the majority of blacks They slingin crack, livin in poverty (True life testament) What you gotta do is live what your life give And make the best of it (Try to see the rest of it) Cause you could easily fall victim to these streets And death's most definate (Blood) Is for the brothers that died The mothers that cried The brothers that tried All we do is (Sweat) Steady puttin to work Handling dirt Holding your turf We all shed (Tears) For the loved ones The thug ones And all deceased peers And while these other cats play hard Im'a praise god And thank god that I'm here Blood sweat and tears These 3 words (Til the break of dawn) Blood, sweat, tears (Birella) These 3 words (Til the break of dawn) Blood, sweat, tears (21 gun salute) Ghetto nigga Street nigga House nigga We all niggas Black on black crime cause niggas drop dimes You put down yours But Im'a keep mine Im'a keep mine nigga Uncle Sam don't drop his shit for nobody So nobody gonna take my shit from me So while you house niggas is fighting for the limelight I be down here with my niggas Underground Dirty Holdin mine House nigga Blood sweat and tears Blood, sweat, tears These 3 words Blood, sweat, tears

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