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Versuri Jerusalem

[Music: Sammet & Ludwig / Lyrics: Sammet] Cold in the wind, starless the night Rain pouring down when the last one arrives So many stories telling of pain Are told by the freaks they've been throwing away Ride out, set off to the sea Odd fellows, you and me Sail on to a world far away That might not exist, we must be insane Torn and feathered Put in the pillory my friend Accused as a fool marching on In quest for a place they don't know To Jerusalem The piper inside, can't you feel him calling You don't be afraid of the horizon To Jerusalem Don't you give in to their fingers pointing So don't be afraid, you won't crash at the horizon The dwarf and the giant, children who stray The dreamer who's walking far off their way A jester cast out, he can't laugh anymore Here comes the freakshow... Welcome on aboard Torn and feathered They'll never get what you say Kill what they don't understand Don't know and don't even try [repeat chorus] [solo: Both] [repeat chorus]

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