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Jerry Jeff Walker Janet says it looks like a rainy day today Just another rainy day As I lean my chin slowly up against the window pane It's another gray rainy day but go on try it again Try, try, try, try to get goin' But the rain comes down, forcin' you to stay inside Holdin' you back from the places that you usually hide Are you all alone? Or more than anything before? Janet says she loves you, is there something troublin' you? It's not that easy to say, for I feel at times such a presence In the room of friends I knew especially on these rainy days But go on try to stay Fly, fly, fly, we're flyin' away We hold on to memories of everyone Like existing clouds - a shadow dance before the sun And down with the rain I can see the separations come Janet says maybe you would rather sing to me It might be easier that way I guess it would and it ought to be a simple melody One that sort of suits the rain Everything rolls off unwinding reels Of remembering how it used to feel to belong somewhere versurile piesa cuvinte muzica versurile Jerry Jeff Walker mp3. Muzica straina versurile versuri versuri Janet Says.

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