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Versuri Down In Texas

Jerry Jeff Walker Yeah down in Texas we got our own style We say we're fixin' to in a country mile Ten gallon hats and store-bought cowboy boots We say Howdy y'all, they go Howdy doo We're laid back crazy 'cause it's understood When you live down in Texas, life is good, life is good Yeah, life is good Yeah, down in Texas, we know wrong from right Work out all day and party all night We say Yes sir and Thank you ma'am If you don't like that we don't give a damn We do things the way we think we should 'Cause we live down in Texas where life is good, life is good This life is good, yeah, life is good And every man in the whole wide world He falls in love with pretty Texas girls I found everything is good Women round the world love their cowboys too Hey down in Texas we say no complaints Just thank the Lord for the pouring rain Cloudy skies and bright old sunny days We say we like it here either way We wouldn't change things even if we could Cause every day in Texas, life is good, Cause life is good, yeah, life is good Yeah life is good Yeah life is good Life is good, life is good, life is good

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