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Versuri Woman In Texas

Jerry Jeff Walker I found a woman in Texas, Who liked what she saw in me Yeah, I found a lady, Who figures that maybe, There might be a chance for me Who lady who, Is showing me the things True love can do She's a woman I love her, I put none above her, Sheâs right for me And none of the others, Could ever discover, What lifts me when I'm feeling blue She knows my moods, Her love is true blue, And she loves me too Yea, I found a woman in Texas, makes all that I do worthwhile I found a lady, a little bit crazy, enough to just make me smile Who lady who, Is into the little things I like to do She can roll with the punches, She follows her hunches, She bets 'em too She's off to the races, loves tropical places And little bits of snow are cool She loves foreign cars and small smoky bars, and she loves me too And I found a woman in Texas, who's strong when she comes to me Yea, I found a lady who's never too lazy To give me little things I need Who lady who can get her hands little dirty too She can rock me and roll me, Then love me, console me, she can cuss me too Her friends know she's honest, Sheâs loyal and modest, She knows the proper things to do She's nobodyâs fool, She plays by the rules, Ah, she loves me too She's a lady Yea, I found a woman in Texas, who's now such a part of my life Yea, I found a lady, who carried our babies and pointed the way for our lives Who lady who, gets me to do the things that I should do She's the love of my life, she's a friend, she's my wife, Sheâs the song I sing You may not buy it, but you can't deny it, That my life's changed in front of you The women I've found has turned me around, And she loves me too I found a woman in Texas, A Texas lady that won my heart

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