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Bob Bruno You say that once knew for sure But now you're walkin' into shore to wonder* The more you learn the less you know The more you move the more you go to nowhere* You play your role of comedy Profess you well the tragedy that you're living 'Cause love was sure or so you say Like the wind that blew away and as she left she seemed to say the wind is Love it's the wind The wind is my love Who knows the wind? Where blows my love? The wind is my love. The city sun blinks in your eyes You shade your face you realize the lonely crowd You stagger on up to your room To sleep by day and plot by moon, your conscience flies You pack your dreams, you'll move away Decide to eat and live by day and leave the night And all at once there comes a smile The ice warm air moves by and as you leave you seem to say Love is the wind The wind is my love Who knows the wind? Where blows my love The wind is my love.

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