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Jerry Jeff Walker We held a funeral and a wake at the Diamondback Saloon With every old-time cowboy agathered in one room Swappin' tales and tellin' lies from days when they were young Fearless buckaroos who always let the ponies run I still see us behind the chutes, standin' in the sun Light reflecting off the shiny buckles that we'd won Farmin' boys from everywhere, just a ropin' in our dreams Buckin' down the highway in old trucks and faded jeans Cheyenne days to Fort Worth nights, we drove every inch of road We often spoke our dreams out loud, sharing rooms and dirty clothes The bandaged up, the broken ones, too tough to ever cry The one we won the big go around, the drinks were ours to buy Days were filled with mundane chores that kept us lean and mean But our nights were spent out dancin' with the fairest girls we'd seen Regaling them with wild ass tales, that weren't that far from true There wasn't a single favor asked that your old pal wouldn't do And every year the finals drew us back to OKC Shoulders, Mahan, Steiner, Vol, T-bone and old Duffy And when the dust had settled and the last go-round was run We stayed up all night singing songs 'til every song was sung The broken bones and broken hearts that led to broken homes And the trails we rode together, now we travel on alone And the friends we saw each summer, now we hardly saw at all A little something's broken off each time a cowboy falls Well adios amigos, see you down the line I sure enjoyed the bullshit, cause it brought back some good times And if you see those pals we knew from days when we were young Tell them I stil saddle up just to feel the ponies run

Melodia cuvintele versuri melodiei Let The Ponies Run muzica straina melodia ultima melodie versuri piesa. Jerry Jeff Walker muzica album cuvinte.

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