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Paul Thorn, Billy Maddox, Anna Lisa Graham On a black and white TV, in a dark saloon I was watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon And later on I got high and climbed up on the bar I told everybody there I could fly above the stars I was in a Dallas disco the night that John Lennon died And the DJ played Imagine and everbody cried I remember a thousand lighters held up in our hands All we were saying them Let's give peace a chance Chorus: Where was I when you stopped loving me? When did I become history? There's not many things that escape my memory Tell me where was I when you stopped loving me? Every 20,000 years that comet lights up the night On a blanket we watched it sail across the sky A moment like that comes it just once in life It felt like our first time at 11:35 Chorus Bridge: I remember when I met you, the taste of our first kiss I remember your goodbye, but would you tell me this? Chorus

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