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Versuri I get no sleep

Got a house full of fortune and they pay me in gold for something I'd do for free. But there's still something missing that a man can't hold, it's like a weight over me, so scared the thrill will be gone. But I'm the one who keeps the pressure on, all I've got is all I need, but I get no sleep and I'm tired to the bone... ...I know I'm not alone. Well, I'm sick of walking 'round with blood in my eyes, just keeping up with this town. I'm a roadrunner racing, but I don't see the signs, I've got to learn to slow down. My life makes it hard to complain, but there's time I'd take my school days back again... ...Four o'clock and I'm still counting sheep. Love to change the system, but I'm in too deep. I keep the pressure far away as I can, but it still comes back again...

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