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There is no understanding in this hostile age Sometimes I feel just like a rat locked in a cage Itæ¯ hard to live beyond the walls It ainæ° no life at all But donæ° you tear it down Take your chances, Iæ£l take mine Chasing thunder is only wasted time Got no reason to walk that line Heavenæ¯ waiting if I can make it home tonight And with the years Iæ³e found a faith that gets me by It shows me the truth in a hurricane of lies My babyæ¯ left a light for me Thatæ¯ really all I need They wonæ° bring me down Chorus Aimlessly rushing leaves you with nothing You need some loving to make you feel alive In less than a moment, life can be stolen I know where Iæ¦ going, gotta get me there tonight Iæ¦ holding on to what I can Like any other lucky man Love wonæ° strike me, love wonæ° sell me out Chorus

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