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CHORUS 2X: Firing Squad Aint no tellin what they might do Firing Squad Yo them niggas will invite you Firing Squad To the battlefields so they can wipe you Firing Squad That's them niggas that don't like you [Billy Danze] Everybody hit the floor, aw shit not again, don't flinch All F A T emcees lay the bench You rock jewels, we just cruise on your maggot ass Now make a move and we'll squeeze tools at your faggot ass Now, guess who's, back in the place, kid I missed M.O.P Hey I'm sorry you had to wait G In '93 you barely heard us in the crowd So we eject from select, and now our shit is bumpin loud Firing Squad, back on the case To school ya, turnin more boys to men than the great Luke Dubra BOOYAH! Do ya, plan to, stand and prove Remember I got love for only a handful That's [Danze] architechting the game plan To bust down the doors, I've already smacked the shit out your main man I don't think you want no static C Automatically, automatic G's, bump somethin CHORUS [Teflon] Count your blessings, just mount your Smith & Wessons in a hurry The more grounds I cover the more brothers to worry Everlasting, got a certified passion for blasting Ass I'ma never show guns but I'm still an assassin Yes some say my rap's about to crack the afterburn >From out the first, send the whole entire earth into a blackout Here's the facts about my M.O.P. click We get down, roll in deep waters we drown niggas 'll leave 'em sensin Yo let it be known, we own the walks Up on the hill we own the thrones, we own the parks For real, we own the low sharks Niggas practice what they preach and back with what they reach wit The ill part is on the mic I be kickin the freak shit Set it, violators get beheaded, rumors we dead it Amazing how we plays, close the show, and roll the credits It's over, straight from Saratoga, said these niggas beter recognize We exercise, our lyric, something deadly CHORUS [Lil Fame] [Take it to the streets] Watch niggas collapse Perhaps, we could bust raps or bust caps This is, ghetto how we in it, and if it's beef You tell me and Billy will go to war like it's Valiance Once I catch ya, I'm guranteed I got ya Duke, I bet ya, you leave this piece on a stretcher Aint nothing to kid about I put one in your wig and bounce Leave the rest for the all time C to figure out Now, who's that nigga that's tryin to take my spot New jacks in rap must pay dues before they rock Yo I run shit like Mr. Hoppa, because I pop up And I rip raps like crackheads strip copper Partner, it's bug, fake thugs gon get no love You could easily get got by hot sinking slugs Nigga what, I take your pride and slide And turn you rap cipher, into a motherfucking homicide CHORUS

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