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Well if you're ever in Austin Texas A little run down on your sole I'm gonna tell you the name of an old man to see I'm gonna tell you right where to go He's working in Capitol Saddlery He's sewing in the back of the place His name is Charlie Dunn the little frail one With the smile and the leathery face [Chorus] Charlie Dunn, he's the one to see Charlie done the boots that are on my feet It makes Charlie real pleased to see me walkin in these Charlie Dunn, he's the one to see Charlie's been makin boots over there He says about fifty some odd years And once you wear a pair of his hand-mades Boy, you'll never wear no store-bought pair Charlie can tell what's wrong with your feet Just by feelin' 'em with his hands And he can take a look at the boots you wear And know a whole lot about you, man Chorus [Bridge] And ol' Buck's up front he's countin' up his gold Charlie's in the back patchin' up the soles All the people comin' in smilin' at him They all wonder how's ol' Charlie been Buck's makin' change but he never ever sees no one And he never understood a good thing ol' Charlie done Charlie's never had his name on a sign He don't put a mark in the boot He just hopes you can remember him 'Bout the same way that he does you He keeps your measurements in a little book So you can order more boots later on Well I'm writin' down ol' Charlie's size I'm a makin' him up a song Chorus Buck's up front but he never ever sees no one And he never understood a good thing ol' Charlie done

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