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Versuri Bad Boy For Life (Remix)

(feat. Busta Rhymes & M.O.P.) [Intro: P. Diddy (Busta Rhymes)] Stick 'em up! As we proceed Stick em up motherfuckers! To give you what you need Put your hands in the air It's star time (Bring the fire along, c'mon) We still here (Bring the fire along, c'mon) It's star time (Bad Boy, M.O.P., Busta Rhymes) Motherfuckers Yeah, c'mon [P. Diddy] I'm the definition of - fuck it y'all already know I stack heavy doe, sell out every show It'll never die, we live And we gon stay big time 'til it's time to see Big (B.I.G. forever!) Get a grip, Bad Boy never slip We, runnin strips while y'all runnin lips Haters wanna stop my lute They don't want me wearing Sean John, they want me wearing lawn suits P.D. increase the heat in ya streets Keep ya tapes on rewind, CD's on repeat My mental, more older, jewellery, more colder Got a lot like its '97 all over You know what I came to do; change the rules Even when I stand still I'm makin moves I, paid my dues as soon as I stepped in P. Diddy a.k.a. News at Eleven [Chorus 2x] Throw your hands up in the air now We're gonna hit you with the heat For the streets Throw your hands up in the air now We won't stop It's Bad Boy For Life [Lil' Fame (Billy Danze)] M.O.P.! Catch me walking on the wildness side of your block Yo, I bang mine, niggas showing me hood love throwing up gang signs (Yo, is that who I think it is?) You see it, Brooklyn Military remains in blazin Respect our hood because the clove is a ghetto But niggas start switchin like hoes in stilettos (It's Lil' Fame and them!) Remember them niggas from the hill up in Brownsville We still bangin 'em! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! [Billy Danze (Lil' Fame)] Sound the alarm It's the First Family and we're back to drop bombs, boom! (Napalm) Nuke those justice, it's the worlds, famous, fast Caress' street Vow, to keep the homies proud in the street To make our music loud and stomp over beats Like (ba ba bom bom ba bom bom!) There you go! Yeah, we ain't goin nowhere [Chorus 2x] [Busta Rhymes] Niggas put a hundred grand up Stand up, before I stick your bitch-ass you better put your hands up Hate if you want and front like you ain't wit it, nigga I bust your motherfucking head with a skillet, nigga More rugged nigga, heat for the track I'm like a Pick-up Truck with broken concrete in the back Now let me add a couple G's to the stack I know we got you dumb and how we put this together And run when you didn't even see it coming Back the fire armor and pop your car Nigga watch me shatter your windshield with a rock guitar We be them zero tolerance niggas I'll turn on your ass, bitch And melt you niggas like a fire, burnin yo' ass bitch Relax bitch, the fact is we trifil with heat With cycles with lyrics right from the street I'm sayin AS WE COME THROUGH, PUT THE SHIT DOWN Soldiers get up, faggot niggas need to sit down, what? [Chorus 2x]

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