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Versuri P S 112 (Interlude)

(Jim Johnson) Hello there this is Jim Johnson and i'm here at harriet tubman underground railroad elementary school. Today we have rap star, ultrapanur Puff daddy coming in to talk to the kids today. But right now i have three young kids right here to let it know why they love puff daddy so much. Lil Becki can you Please tell us why you love puff daddy? (lil Becki) I dont really like puffy but my other sister does. (Jim Johnson) Lil John boy can you please tell us why you love puff daddy? (lil John Boy) Because he wears alot of fly clothes, He very very smart and he goes to my school. (Jim Johnson) Last but not least Shameka Johnson can you please tell us why you love puff daddy? (Shameka Johnson) Because hes a hit making, money having, bentley driving mother fucking pimp

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