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Versuri Thank You

Verse 1: You've always been right there to let me know everything's alright Whenever darkness came my way You were my light I wanna thank You for the difference in my life Can't even count the reasons why ( ohhh I) Refrain: I lift you up and praise Your name You gave me strength to see another day When I was lost, You helped me find my way When it seems I can t face another day( That's when I call on.....) Chorus: You-- In time trouble, faced with struggle I call no one but .. You-- When Im feelin lonely, no one around me still I call on .. You-- You always placed Your arms around me when I needed.. You-- Thats why I sing this song to tell You Lord I do love You Verse 2: You are the only one who keeps on blessing me At times, I thought that I was blind You helped me see (Oh ho) And I can never pay You back for all You've done Thats why I serve You faithfully and never give You up I lift you up and praise Your name You gave me strength to see another day When I was lost you helped find my way When it seems I cant face another day That's when I call on.. Chorus Refrain: Knock and He will answer The lord will make a way He's worthy of his praise I know life is worth living Becasue of you Jesus, I always call on You Chorus (3x) during second time altos say(Lord i love you: love you) Ending (4x) Boys say: All I wanna do Girls echo: All I wanna do I Boys echo :is to keep lovin you Girls echo: is to keep lovin you

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