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Versuri What You Want

[Intro] Ladies and gentlemen We are gathered here today To join I see it, yeah Yeah, yeah I like this right here Yeah, yeah One-Two, One-Two, in the place to be As you can see I am the crush groovin' There's a whole lot of stars be groovin' in here tonight The record breaking and the record making Yeah, yeah, turn this up From the states to over seas Every city in between I hit the scene Catch fire like kerosene Geting paid for more then a decade We been blazing, y'all wasn't ready for the PD invasion Caught you off guard, got bitches, got cars Healin' war scars, puff smoke out of the jar Catch flights to and fro, nigga who you know? No one important, just another nigga flossing Gotta seal, what I'm touching is real You just a clone wit' a production deal I sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the water Sorry I left you, but now I am back for ya But it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouth Hottest niggas out Alot better, the shit's too strong I'm home now, daddy's been gone too long 1 - [Lil' Kim] What you niggas want Wanna talk slick Wanna do shit, try shit, new shit Who you fucking wit' You and your weak clique Bitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shit You coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secret Trying to be niggas you can't even speak with You can't run, you can't hide Bad Boy 'till the day we die Tell they all like Jordan in the fall On top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft' What you grillin' me for? Kept my name good, we from the same hood Made some change, put the range wit' the stained wood Now chicks, they keep they eyes on me Wanna grind on me Haters plotting so I keep my nine on me You can't stop 'em when them shells is popping Look good to the public eye, your streets is watching At all times, put it all on the line Without a care dreams of cream turn to nightmares No one to talk to, don't know who to trust Got your gun out and don't know who to bust It get like that though, when you stack that dough Can't run from it yo, that's when they get close So put up you guards, keep faith in God I promise y'all the world'll be ours Repeat 1 Your games amaze, but alot of ways, many choices Can't sleep, when I do I hear voices Speakin' loud and clear, wait 'till you come out this year So I listen back cause the street is missing that What a world we live in So cold I'm shivering, slipping Gotta work with what I'm given, shit Bitches is trifling, hands out grabbin' Niggas hating, scheming and back stabbin' That's why they hang around you, just to be seen Type to leave a gun fight wit' a full magazine No blood, not hit, chamber ain't warm What part of the game is this? And who's side you on? Can't be out for wealth and out for self, won't work Find yourself tucked and surrounded by dirt In a verse I show the whole earth my work It got to get better because it can't get no worse Repeat 1 Repeat 1

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