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Satisfy You [Puffy] All I want is somebody who's gonna love me for me Somebody I can love for them All this money don't mean shit If you ain't got nobody to share it with Love rules the world, you feel me 1 - [R. Kelly] He don't understand you like I do No he'll never make love to you like I do So give it to me Cause I can show you 'bout a real love And I can promise anything that I do Is just to satisfy you [Puffy] When it hurt I ease the pain, girl Caress your frame, get them worries off your brain, girl I'm in your corner do what you want it's your thing,girl OPPOSITES ATTRACT, but we one in the same, girl It ain't a game so I can't play with you I wanna lay with you, stay with you, pray with you Grow old and gray with you In good and bad times we'll always make it through Cause what we got is true Nomatter what they say to you I can straight lace you, not just appearance Stimulate your mind, strengthen your spirits Be the voice of reason when you ain't tryin' hear it You want it but you fear it, but you love it when you near it Sit her on the sofa get a little closer Touch it right, do it like a man's supposed to Knew you was the one, that's why I chose ya Cause you get down for yours and ride like a soldier Repeat 1 Your soul ain't a toy, you ain't dealin' with a boy Feel emptiness inside? I can fill that void When you spend time with your woman and listen It shines more than any bagguette diamond can glisten I can't impress you with the cars and the wealth Cause any woman with will and drive can get it herself I'd rather show you it's heartfelt, make your heart melt And prove to you you're more important than anything else Worthwhile, special like my first child When I see your face it's always like the first time Our eyes met, I knew we'd be together and they tried yet I wanna give you things that I didn't buy yet Hold you, mold you, drink no liquor, show you Ain't no tellin' what we could grow to Let it be known, I told you And I'mma be there for whatever you go through, my love's true Repeat 1 [R. Kelly] Don't let him sing you a sad song (No baby) Waiting for love like this too long (You don't have to wait, you don't have to wait on him, baby) All that you need I can give you (You don't have to wait, you don't have to wait on) I do, satisfy you (You don't have to wait on him) [Puffy] I'm the light when you can't see I'm that air when you can't breathe I'm that feeling when you can't leave Some doubt, some believe, some lie, cheat, and deceive So it's only you and me When you weak, I'll make you strong, here's where you belong I ain't perfect, but I promise I won't do you wrong Keep you away from harm, my love is protected I'll wrap you in my arms so you'll never feel neglected I'll just make you aware of what we have is rare In the moment of despair, I'm the courage when you're scared Loyal, down for you, soon as I saw you Wanted to be there cause I could hold it down for you Be around for you, plant seeds in the soil Make love all night, bending bed coils You're a queen, therefore I treat you royal This is all for you, cause I simply adore you Repeat 1 until fade [Puff] This one right here goes out to all my sisters

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