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Versuri I Need A Girl (To Bella)

(feat. Loon) [Chorus] I need a girl who'll ride for me (Keep her self real fly) Damn near die for me (Stand by my side) Gon' call for me (Stand up and cry) Pay my bail for me, make sales for me Have a baby with (This is what she'll do) Lie to industry (Be my baby momma too) Someone who'll never leave (And always be true) How I wish my wife could be you [Loon] I need a girl that'll ride for me Situation get real bitch'll die for me Even step in the courtroom and lie for me I'm talkin' about right hand in the sky for me Do twenty-five for me, nigga steal a pound for me Shorty probably blow a nigga to the sky for me And go and sit in a chair that'll fry for me And lord know if I die she gon cry for me Never say bye to me I can't deny shorty love is official Even though love ain't the issue Shorty still smuggle the pistol Packin' a gat then hug you and kiss you Show you love when other niggas that diss you You on the real That's the type chick a nigga need The type smoke all a nigga's weed And still move at a nigga's speed Never a victim of a nigga's greed Especially if she runnin' round with a nigga's seed [Chorus] [P. Diddy] I had a girl that woulda died for me Didn't appreciate her so I made her cry for me Everyday she had tears in her eyes for me I caught a case shorty took the whole ride for me (Thank you) At first we were friends then became lovers You was more than my girl we was like brothers On late nights we would play fight under covers Now you gone can't love you like I really wanna But every time I think about your pretty smile And we used to drive the whole city wild Damn I wish you woulda had my child A pretty little girl with Diddy style Shit is wild Now these's days that I reminisce About my little mami I'ma always miss (I miss you) But long as you happy I'ma tell you this Ain't nothin' that's broke that we can't fix Mamacita [Chorus] [Loon] Now I done seen chicks come and go Some in it for the love some want the dough But some of them confused and don't really know The difference between a woman and a silly ho But on the low I'ma tell you how it really be 'Cuz I be chillin' where the young willies be Strip clubs, sit buzzed spend twenty G's Shit bugged stick dubs where they titties be [P. Diddy] This nigga Diddy be chillin' with the prauda mamis Posted up with the chick with the hottest body Yo shorty all on me little hot tamale (But I'ma ride for you Daddy) Then I got you mami Cause all I wanna do is take care of you And do things that the playas ain't prepared to do Like if I rock ice you gon' wear it too Fuck wit me I have the whole world stare at you You feel me girl? [Chorus]

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