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yo yo Now while he stands tough Notice that this man does not have his hands up This free worlds got you pantsed up Now whos afraid of the big bad wolf 1,2,3 in to the 4 1 pop 2 pop 3 pop 4 4 pop 3 pop 2 pop 1 Your pop hes pop no pop none This guy aint no motha fuckin M.C. I know everything hes bout to say against me I am white I am a fuckin bum I do live in a trailer with my mom My boy future is an uncle Tom I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob who shoots him self in the leg with his own gun I did get jumped, by all 6 of you chumps O Ray did fuck my girl Im still standing here screaming Fuck the free world Dont ever try to judge me dude You dont know what the fuck I can do But I know something about you You went to ClairBrook thats a private school Whats a matter dog you embarrassed This guys a gangster His real name in Clairence And clairence lives at home with both parents And clairence parents parents have a real good marrage Tis guy dont wanna battle he shook Cause theres no suck things a half way crooks Hes scared to death Hes scared to look at his fuckin yearbook Fuckn Lain Brook Fuck a beat I'll go a capella Fuca a poppa doc Fuc a clock Fuck a trailer fuck everybody Fuck ya'll if you doubt me Im a peace of fuckin white trash and I soy it proudley And fuck this battle I dont wanna win Im outi Here tell these people Something They dont know about me

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