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Versuri A bitch is a bitch (unreleased freestyle)

[Method Man] Ooh yea I'm on my way to get some hay I'd Rather not say right now, but anyway I'm Fuckin wit this gangsta bitch around the way. Who was ?? and the games people play. A Hoe is a M-O could keep shit down low. I'm wit dat ya know my style so what da flow? Its been 3 weeks now my girl still don't know but what she don't know can't hurt her or make a murder. The next peace..? She don't want to have peace, she just wants to have fun so I hook her and I treat her like one. Bust it! Look in tha local project, when I buzz her; on the 5th rather brother make a dozen? Floor she had a child but because I'm half poor kids buy dread the next door. He don't know the meaning of child care, cuz she's on welfare looking at..? So raps the same yearSo I took advantage of dat before it was..? and pull'd a stack, and now what I'm stickin it up without a doubt, and then should I go upstrairs? Fuck dat rap too many hoes up in dat place. I just can't wait to find out til (??) All around town the Meth is gettin down. With ? and..? BITCH! don't rock the buck? I'm not a buck smakin bitch's teeth down their throats. So I avoid all of dat, and call her back I was drinking all night, Kid I need it bad, wassup ho? how you? Loungin Through..I aint got nuthin to do so wassup wit you? Treat her like a rough situation, You know whats on my mind you wit it? Now she's all(?) and need some water, Before she had to ask her cuz to watch her daughter Yea, come down down strairs were goin where? Straight to da vid..(??) Sum-it up check my dough for body (??) She comes back out of her house we in da cab. Not much longer to want,(??) Step right in and got a (??) Then I seen her wit a man down the curl, [Pause] Ooh Shit! Dats my girl! Whats goin on kid? Hear all my words motherfucka.. Fuck dat Bitch! I'm gonna fuck her!

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