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Meth Traces of lipstick on my collar Baby you got to do some more to get this last dollar Hotter than lava when you come believe that I'ma follow Lady Medana like to drink but she don't like to swallow Rockin' that product, honey stay up in the beauty-polla' Girl it would be my honour, make you my babymomma Holler she hella proper, fuck with tha dumbin' cousin Sucka for lovin'-buggin', shockin' them duckin' buckin' Suckin' then finga-fuckin', then let me say you somethin' I'm not to stuffin' of that English muffin Can't tell me nuthin', uhn uhn Pushin yo panic button when I'm stuckin All of a sudden, baby gun-duckin', BBC! Oh girl you nasty Redman Yo' I get it on poppin' Doc, unlockin' yo' doors, clockin' my drawers Suckin' your mouth with a torn stockin' Rapped around ? , I'm creepin' when you parkin' Shoot out the lights, darkening the erea, then hop in Pick up my bigga nigga who helped me figured the plottin' Droppin' the tops, splittin' the dough Shoppin' in rotten--New York, first flockin' Because I'm heavy like Bo stockin' coat Watch ya coat from Fo sparkin', they leave the parking Niggaz unforgetable can be forgotten Doc and Meth's album enterin the top ten! Choppin' it raw, lockin' 'n blockin', Only raw choppin' his metaphores, so cops can stop watchin' I put 'em in and cock 'em, ready to rock 'em stock 'em Renevate your appartment, when these two things barkin' My Mackamichi knockin', bougie holes be spottin' on they trampers I get 'em dripple like Lickey Falses Chorus: Redman, [Meth] Now who a bitch nigga?! [Now who a snitch nigga?!] Now who the shit nigga?! [Now who the sick nigga?!] Now who you with nigga?! [With who you with nigga?!] Who rock shit nigga?! [Who pop shit nigga?!] [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! [Come on!] Come on! Redman I figured it out: ya'll niggaz ain't as big as yo' mouth My street-value well it ain't won't even fit in yo' couch When I bust titties come out No matter what city hardcore committee's dumb to fuck out Son's ya duck out! Nuthin' to lose, poppin' a two up in ya goose Buckle yo shoes, cuffle my boots, fuckin' with you Blow my Anaconda like Nirvana Marhihuana got bitches on they knees and they gon' bind us Gettin' 'em dirty dirty with the hersey and the bombin' Holla the drama, fire two in ya armor Ya pigeon betta call ma, the ice is a honour To in help me lift an arm up, lebaba(?) with ya momma Even dirty her donna, my dick is heronomic Pull out a young Geroni-mo, BBC! Oh girl you nasty Meth Itchin' to start the mission, flippin' so keep yo' distance Ain't go no pot to piss in? Ain't got no competition Listen, I slip the clippin', trippin' you get me lippin' Come mis and catch a whippin', now kids is actin' different Ditchin' them double-dippin', chickens that keep forgettin' I ain't the one for trickin', or anybody-kickin' Rippin' these compesitions, scrippin' them paper-written Hold 'em and hit 'n stickin', ballin' like Scottie Pippen It's hot in Hell's Kitchen, but still I'm forced bittin' Shittin' like 'No he didn't', wipin' my ass and splittin' Chattin' like Joe gettin' All in the zone settin' it off like Big Daddy It ain't no half-steppin'...I keep rappin' Staten you keep sweatin', frontin' and ass-bettin' Duckin' my Smith & ? , trashin' the Meth and catchin' Hell, we leave you restin' in PEACE, BBC! Oh girl you nasty Chorus

Muzica album cuvintele muzica versuri ultima melodie muzica straina asculta. Ultima melodie versuri Y O U ultima melodie Method Man.

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