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Versuri What the blood clot

All I hear is gun shots. Can I touch something? What the blood claat! Niggaz want tical, make it happen. You know my fuckin' style, fuck the rappin', We can take it back to eighty-five if you wanna START actin' like you live It's all good. I'm rollin' with my clique, Owls, Packwoods & Phillies, smokin' sess blunts, mixed with illy Got me bustin', now the whole world looks dusted, I'm in the area with the skill that never rusted. For real, nigga, touch it & you burn, when will motherfuckers learn What be spreadin' like a germ? Ha ha, it's Meth, word. I be that early bird that got the worm & if you check it I'm on point, like a fax machine you get the message. It be no question & them bust the second guessin's, Keep your thoughts on your lessons. What the blood claat! To tell the truth, you don't amaze me. Killa Hill project, A Star Trek phaser couldn't phase me. What, Check the Raderuckus FUCK this, Smoke a Dutchmaster, have 'em screamin' for the duchess Yeah, I gotta have it, so I strive to stick my piece If I don't do it for mydelf, I'm a do it for Kase, 'Cause that's my peoples, I'm giving you injections that be Lethal Weapon, when niggaz start the half steppin', Then I get evil. But don't let that negative vibe right there Mislead you, I'm humble, a fucking Killer Bee, Far from bumble. I sting you BZT and I bring you Thirty-six chambers of head banger, bitch, Why I deal with? I think the mic is on the fritz. Faggot soundmen! They be sabotagin' shit! Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane... Methical, let the whole world know my fuckin' name. What the blood claat!

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