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[Streetlife] I Silver Surf the city circuits, forever lurkin on the street surface, I spit blood for blood verses Grands man divided, we still stand, conquer land One man'll body slam Def Jam Focus your headcam zoom in, with radio tune in I know you're listenin, so I keep showin and provin Play the sideline, waitin for the right time to take mine Street crime, nickel and dime rhyme Fuck a peace talk, let the gun spark, on the streets of New York I Shaolin Strut through the city asphault (FED UP!) Hold your head up, I'm circlin the block, keep your eyes up Wise up, before you get sized up (TIED UP!) Play no games, speakin on my name, you catch a clipful from close range, diggin in your pocket, take the loose change [Method Man] Punch the data in your mainframe, you want it all I want the same thang, strive to maintain, live out my name Hard to obtain, hard to explain, ain't nuttin changed Leave the same way I came, bringin motherfuckin pain [Streetlife] Killa Hill Projects, high-tech street intellect Let's connect, blow your headset, fuck a mic check [Method Man] Ring around the underground, pocket full of sound Ashes to ashes, y'all niggaz goin down Yo.. eat shit and die slow, battle ground no survival you goin down, y'all niggaz fuck around Shittin where you sleepin, so my rhyme proposal came indecent, beef from the butcher sink your teeth in [Streetlife] Fuck what you believe in, you real fake, fishin in the same lake Eatin off the same cake you blowface [Method Man] Who got that ready-cooked, synthetic look, actin crook Betty-shook worm, tryin to shake the hook, as the world turn Nigga burn, once again the supersperm Rub it in your skin, like it's Lubriderm, time took to write this The war will be fought by the righteous who stand criticized, by his un-A*Alike-ness Knowledge is the jewel, and it's priceless Real like them Rahway Lifers, nuttin but time on my hands Observe the black sands in the hourglass, fallin fast in this savage land, haulin ass, Days of Thunder It's road rad, your days are numbered What RZA put together let no man tear asunder (motherfucker) [Streetlife] This is P.L.O., Killa Hill flow, but you don't hear me though Live in stereo, pump it loud until your speaker blow Ghett-io slang pro, sling rap to cashflow Keep it live from the intro until the outro Killa Hill Projects, high-tech street intellect Let's connect, blow your headset, fuck a mic check [Method Man] Ring around the underground, pocket full of sound Ashes to ashes, y'all niggaz goin down [Streetlife] My dick! (My dick!) I'm on a suicide run, y'all niggaz know the outcome Razor sharp tongue leave scars in your eardrum Forty-five bar seminar ghetto rap star Slide like water rats through the Staten Resevoir Swingin swords cut your mic cords, snatch your rap awards Commercial cats, fuckin up the game, that's why I crash boards Drape floors while you Jordan, keep on tryin yours Hardcore, somethin that my street niggaz is dyin for [Method Man] Snap your neck and the dopefiend, Gobol 13 Professionals we know things, say no more Check my Dogs at the Resevoir, gourmet special of the day is nigga souflee, pusher gotta pay And the games people play, John Jay back around the way Fish filet, Mr. DJ, turn it up a notch Hit the replay, for dirt bomb niggaz in the PJ to cling-on, bring-on, the good times, to key-on Hook rhymes that's be-yond, your thinkin, for eons I been here, to shine on the black mind Tell you like the last time, year of the grimy nigga Ragtime, bad sign, flatline..

Grid iron rap descarca muzica piesa. Method Man versuri muzica versurile versuri melodiei asculta muzica muzica straina descarca piesa.

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