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[Street Life] Excuse me gorgeous.. Just maxin, lookin for hoes, y'know, relaxin Met this redbone Jasmine, midtown Manhattan Shot a verb, that tranked her nerves, calm words Massaged the mentals, made her pussycat purr Sweet Love you look miraculous, brown eyes passionate High cheekboned, Tommy Girl cologne you smashin it Jump in, take a spin, destination Staten I have you home by ten, Shorty started laughin She replied, Street, you ever ride while you drive? I looked puzzled, and said, Nah baby why? She pressed up, grabbed my dick, threw her dress up Cocked her legs, cold fucked my head up Now I'm deep in it, flyin past the speed limit Out of control, still whippin it, steadily hittin it Deep strokin, one hand on the wheel, blunt smokin Lovin how it feel, Sweet Love you got me open, what? [Cappadonna] Love is love Love, love is love Love Love is love Love, love is love Love We connected like a train from the first ordeal I stepped to her with the passion as I kept things real but like, sex was on my mind like, cum was in my pants I flashed my fronts on her, like if I had a chance She said, Ain't you Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan? I said, Yeah, mad gear plus the small white band Sweet Love, I want your pussy can I be your man? Stripped to the bare essentials let me fuck you if I can Sweet Love, from your nipples to your pussy nub Sweet Love, love is Love, love is love Love [Method Man] It's a full moon, we in the bedroom, thoughts consumed by the passion, slow jam tunes and body action My finger's on the clit splashin, your pussy lips got you spazzin, love juices, marinatin in your satins, sexy ass, I get some like my old dad I love my women bad, with just a little touch of class Youse the Star by far, look at you Ma Shake your thang-thang girlfriend, you SheShe Lefrea! Whattup, went to beat it up, I'm not the one to eat it up but the type to hit it raw dawg and seed it up We talk without sayin nuttin, you told me if I came through you'd gimme som'in, now we lockin ass Pullin hair and talkin trash, how you like it slow or fast? She said, I like it when it last No doubt, you got the best trout there can be Not an everyday, average, Chicken of the Sea, candidate for H.I.V. You'd rather deal with monogamy Queen to be held, Black Mahogany You're bout to bust damnit, sugar walls comin down Now you can't stand it, you've been touched That's when I felt the blood rush Gettin closer and closer with every thrust, take me there Volcano's about to erupt, I love you much Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts

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