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Redman: Whatcu crazy??!!? Since a buck tooth baby, Doc is like straight fuck you, pay me like Jay-Z Lazy Niggas complain Doc load up the cartridge and start kickin' game like Acclaim Those who you call dogs'll rat your name Those who say they love you, attack your change That's why I fold down 4 fingers Say fuck the world and jimmy da earth out with coat hangers Rap game n street game don't sleep Its a cold world betta pack yer own heat Niggas ain't happy to the cash on E Then the hash and the cat and a bag's on me Yeah Right!! My bear hugz air tight New Yorkerz know no turnin' on a redlight Me against 40 of you? A fair fight Microphones get took you shook? Wear white! Chorus You don't got no ins in Mi Casa And it's your stopper, Meth Tical Man and Funk Docta You don't got no ins in Mi Casa Bomb Droppa blow you out ya mind, who shot ya? You don't got no ins in Mi Casa Hit it Hip Hoppers turn it up a notch make it it hotta You don't got no ins in Mi Casa I'm warnin' you partna Meth Tical Man and Funk Docta Method Man: Every time I turn around somebody in my business Time for you to testify, can I get a witness? Actin' like bitch's Dirty Dick niggas look suspicous Ain't physically fit for the fitness Welcome to the game of death Polly wanna biscut? First prize a one way ticket to my shit list And I spread it like a rumor or a sickness Stand-by let a chicken head lay a chicklet Can I slap a fat ass with da quickness? Stupid ass niggas goin' raw and get da sickness Comin' through son, mutha fuck you and your district Misrepresentin', misinterpretin' and they misfit Playboy, you ain't got no balls plus your dickless And I'm like a plumber layin' pipe up in yo misses No man can hold me, nor can control me Next time you see me, holla like you know me! Chorus cuvintele album. Melodia muzica ultima melodie versuri Method Man melodiei album versuri melodia muzica asculta Mi Casa muzica straina melodia.

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