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  1. versuri Alone Again (Naturally)
  2. versuri Work Song
  3. versuri You Better Know It
  4. versuri Young Knight
  5. versuri Who Knows Where The Time Goes
  6. versuri Why Keep On Breaking My Heart
  7. versuri Wild Is The Wind
  8. versuri Willow Weep For Me
  9. versuri When I Was A Young Girl
  10. versuri Where Can I Go Without You
  11. versuri Who Am I
  12. versuri Turn Me On
  13. versuri Turn! Turn! Turn!
  14. versuri Turning Point
  15. versuri Twelfth Of Never
  16. versuri What More Can I Say
  17. versuri Tomorrow Is My Turn
  18. versuri Trouble In The Mind
  19. versuri To Be Young, Gifted And Black
  20. versuri To Love Somebody
  21. versuri Theme From Middle Of The Night
  22. versuri Theme From Sanson And Delilah
  23. versuri Theme From Sayonara
  24. versuri Times They Are A Changing
  25. versuri Take Me To The Water
  26. versuri Tell Me More And More And Then Some More
  27. versuri Suzanne
  28. versuri Take Care Of Business
  29. versuri Solitaire
  30. versuri Solitude
  31. versuri Something To Live For
  32. versuri Spring Is Here
  33. versuri Strange Fruit
  34. versuri Summertime
  35. versuri Since My Love Has Gone
  36. versuri Sinnerman
  37. versuri Real Real
  38. versuri Revolution (part 1)
  39. versuri Satin Doll
  40. versuri SeeLine Woman
  41. versuri Silver City Bound
  42. versuri Since I Fell For You
  43. versuri Pusher
  44. versuri Rags And Old Iron
  45. versuri Plain Gold Ring
  46. versuri Porgy
  47. versuri Porgy, I Is Your Woman Now
  48. versuri Pirate Jenny
  49. versuri Ooh Child
  50. versuri Other Woman
  51. versuri Our Love (Will See Us Through)
  52. versuri Papa, Can You Hear Me
  53. versuri Obeah Woman
  54. versuri Old Jim Crow
  55. versuri One September Day
  56. versuri Nobody
  57. versuri New World Coming
  58. versuri Night Song
  59. versuri No Good Man
  60. versuri Ne Me Quitte Pas
  61. versuri My Baby Just Cares For Me
  62. versuri My Father
  63. versuri My Way
  64. versuri Mood Indigo
  65. versuri More I See You, The
  66. versuri Mr Bojangles
  67. versuri Marry Me
  68. versuri Memphis In June
  69. versuri Merry Mending
  70. versuri Mississippi Goddam
  71. versuri Man With A Horn
  72. versuri Marriage Is For Old Folks
  73. versuri Love Me Or Leave Me
  74. versuri Little Girl Blue
  75. versuri Little Liza Jean
  76. versuri Lonesome Cities
  77. versuri Lilac Wine
  78. versuri Last Rose Of Summer
  79. versuri Laziest Gal In Town
  80. versuri Let It Be Me
  81. versuri Just Like A Woman
  82. versuri Just Say I Love Him
  83. versuri Keeper Of The Flame
  84. versuri Lass Of The Low Country
  85. versuri If I Should Lose You
  86. versuri If You Knew
  87. versuri Images
  88. versuri In The Dark
  89. versuri July Tree
  90. versuri Just In Time
  91. versuri I Shall Be Released
  92. versuri I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
  93. versuri I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
  94. versuri If He Changed My Name
  95. versuri I Like The Sunrise
  96. versuri I Love To Love
  97. versuri I Loves You Porgy
  98. versuri I Put A Spell On You
  99. versuri Hey, Buddy Bolden
  100. versuri Human Touch, The
  101. versuri Hush, Little Baby
  102. versuri I Get Along Without You Wery Well (Except Sometimes)
  103. versuri I Hold No Grudge
  104. versuri He Needs Me
  105. versuri He Was Too Good To Me
  106. versuri Here Comes The Sun
  107. versuri Go To Hell
  108. versuri Gin House Blues
  109. versuri Go Limp
  110. versuri Gimme A Pigfoot (And A Bottle Of Beer)
  111. versuri Gimme Some
  112. versuri Four Women
  113. versuri Feeling Good
  114. versuri Folks Who Live On The Hill
  115. versuri For Myself
  116. versuri Forbidden Fruit
  117. versuri Everything Must Change
  118. versuri Exactly Like You
  119. versuri End Of The Line
  120. versuri Erets Zavat Chalav
  121. versuri Dambala
  122. versuri Desperate Ones
  123. versuri Come Ye
  124. versuri Compassion
  125. versuri Cotton Eyed Joe
  126. versuri Bye Bye Blackbird
  127. versuri Children Go Where I Send You
  128. versuri Brown Baby
  129. versuri Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  130. versuri Buck
  131. versuri Break Down And Let It All Out
  132. versuri Blue Prelude
  133. versuri Blues For Mama
  134. versuri Blackbird
  135. versuri Black Swan
  136. versuri Beautiful Land
  137. versuri Baubles, Bangles And Beads
  138. versuri Be My Husband
  139. versuri Baltimore
  140. versuri Balm In Gilead
  141. versuri Ballad Of Hollis Brown
  142. versuri Backlash Blues
  143. versuri Assignment Sequence
  144. versuri Another Spring
  145. versuri Angel Of The Morning

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