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Versuri Young Knight

Joseph Hathaway, Charles Kingsley Down deary down There was a knight and he was young a-riding along the way Sir And there he met a lady fair among the stacks of hay Sir Down deary down Quote he shall you and I, Lady among the grass lay down oh And I will take a special care of the rumpling of your gown oh So she told him If you will go along with me into my father's hall Sir You shall enjoy my maiden's head and my estate and all Sir Down deary down So he mounted her on a milk white steed himself upon another And then they rid upon the road like sister and like brother Down deary down down deary down And when they came to father's home all moulded all about Sir She stepped straight within the gate and shut the young man out Sir Down deary down Here is a pursue of gold she said take it for your pain Sir And I will send my father's men to go home with you again Sir And if you meet a lady fair as you go by the town Sir You must not fear the dewy grass or The rumpling grass of her gown Sir Down deary down down deary down And if you meet a lady gay as you go by the hill Sir Here is the moral of the story If you will not when you may you shall not when you will Sir

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