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Versuri Brown Baby

Oscar Brown jr Brown Baby Brown Baby As you grow up I want you to drink from the plenty cup I want you to stand up tall and proud And I want you to speak up clear and loud Brown Baby Brown Baby Brown Baby As years go by I want you to go with your head up high I want you to live by the justice code And I want you to walk down freedom's road You little Brown Baby So lie away lie away spleeping lie away singing Lie away sleeping lie away safe in my arms Till your daddy and you mama protect you ?nd keep you safe from harm Brown Baby It makes me glad you gonna have things that I never had When out of men's heart all hate is hurled Sweetie you gonna live in a better world Brown Baby Brown Baby Brown Baby

Brown Baby descarca muzica straina versuri melodiei cuvintele cuvintele. Muzica cantece descarca melodia asculta album Nina Simone versuri.

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