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Versuri Alone Again (Naturally)

Nina Simone, Gilbert O'Sullivan I remember this afternoon When my sister came into the room She refused to say how my father was But I knew he'd be dying soon. And I was oh so glad, and it was oh so sad That I realized that I despised this man I once called father. In his hanging on, with fingers clutching His body now just eighty-eight pounds Blinded eyes still searching For some distant dream that had faded away at the seams. Dying alone, naturally. I was his favourite child, I had him a little while Just as long as I could play the piano and smile a little smile Just when I needed him most, he was already a ghost And for all my life there where promises and they always have been broken Leaving me alone with all my troubles Not ever once touching me and saying Daugther, I'll help you get over. Now he's fadig away and I'm glad to say, He's dying at last. Naturally. It's a very sad thing to see that my mother with all her heart Believes the words that the Bible said Til death do us two part. For her that was forever and ay, he decided her night and day How could some English words so small affect someone so strangely? Taking her away from us, her soul included She might es well be gone with him, all the children are excluded. Loneliness is hell, I know so well, For I'm alone. Naturally. I waited three weeks for him to die I waited three weeks for him to die Every night he was calling on me I wouldn't go to him. I waited three weeks for him to die Three weeks for him to die. And after he died, after he died Every night I went out, every night I had a flight. It didn't matter who it was with 'Cos I knew what it was about. And if you could read between lines, my Dad and I close as flies. I loved him then and I loved him still, that's why my heart's so broken. Leaving me to doubt God in His Mercy And if He really does exist then why does He desert me? When he passed away I smoked and drank all day, Alone. Again. Naturally.

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