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Versuri Desperate Ones

Jacques Brel, Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort Shuman They hold each others hands They walk without a sound Down forgotten streets Their shadows kiss the ground Their footsteps sing a song Tat's ended before it's begun They walk without a sound The desperate ones Just like the tiptoe moth That dance before the flame They burn their hearts so much That death is just a name And if love calls again So foolishly they run, they run, they run They run, they run, they run, they run They run without a sound The desperate ones I know the road tey're on I've walked their crooked mile A hundred times or more I drank their cup of bile They watch their dreams go down Be hind the settin sun Yeh, yeh, yeh, they walk without a sound The desperate ones Le he who threw the stone at them Stand up and take a bow He knows the verb to love Beu he'll never, never, never know how On the bridge of nevermore They disappear one by one Disappear without a sound The desperate ones And underneath the bridge The water's sweet and deep This is their journey's end The land of endless sleep They cry to us for help We think it's all in fun, They cry, they cry, they cry, they cry Without a sound They disappear without a sound They walk without a sound without a sound Disappear without a sound Cry without a sound Yai, yaj, yaj, yaj, yaj, yaj, yaj The desperate ones

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