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Versuri Wreath Of Seven Stars

From where the eye can see beyond miles From the top of mountain high I found it shining on the ground Blood-red like dragons tear it was The second by placing spoon on a stump From magpies nest I obtained What a beauty met my eyes When silver in daylight sparked >From where great rivers run down to the ocean Where winds weep and waves forever sing From there I found the third, on a reef Like blazing fire it was burning like a lively golden flame >From where the treetops reach out to the blue sky In the deep woods, where no man-made pathways go From there the fourth-one I did find From inside the trunk of great pine tree On a mossy bed scarlet glew and I went on To a place where goblins once used to live Long before our days At the end of cavern deep and dark I found it, gray as a dragons scale For you my sweetest wolverine I forge a wreath of seven stars So that in the times of darkness it reminds us Of the glory of our days Beyond the horizon where crimson sun sets We will sail to our haven afar If winds favour and the storms let us go free With sails of silver, with helm of gold Towards the cosmic seas we sail Wreath will guide our way Descending glory of our days...

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