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Darkness has for so many years dwelleth still upon the earth And by every cycle of moon can be seen that deeper it has drawn In tales once told by the Elders were that this dark time would come Sooner , they said than it is proper for little boys like you to know When darkness eats all light away we, humans are to fall Kings of Grim will rise to claim their right to rule once more When the dark blades fulfil their deed shall rivers blood-red flow Before North bestows it's wintry frost the ancient kings stand tall Harbingers of plague they are the spawn of ancient gods They claim the throne to rule the earth to rule as it is foretold Kings of Grim as they are known horde of celebrating Death Riding along with beasts of hell and the night stood by their side So fell to endless depths the keepers of the grace With wings torn, demolished Make haste now, Death awaits! And I saw the drooling beasts of Seth as they gathered for the feast Sight that made me certain they did not die invain And so shall it be, new order amongst men as we circle upon the prey with joy We who embrace thee with rage of cold steel now rise from the realm of stenching sulfur seas! Thunder above, Hellfire below march of Immortals forever goes on Time we have waited finally at hand Give none no mercy, death for each and all! Harbingers of plague... So fell to endless... The new moon so majesticly broods upon these wartorn vasts No more humans serve their selfish deeds where the forlorn kings have once roamed

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