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Tell me whence will I find the passion once lost? May it rise with strength to burn away these synthetic sins of mine away those days by gone... For my demons never rest down here where morbid dreams form reality I don't know who you are nor where you come from I only know of who I am and when my shape is shifting For I have learned the Dark and His neverending quest Down here I never rest Down here in my gloomy depths Where morbid dreams form my reality they would never let me slip away... Spirit keep what my flesh cannot I still bleed red No memories, no breath torn apart I will drift till death All these faceless creations they seem to grope along the way Leper guides for us to lead astray to be lost and how to find the Way Days of torture & redeeming pain lies ahead, will I stand or am I to fall? Everything here forced to sustain for my demons never rest down here With nails I masturbate my deepest wounds and ages most profound came to me...

Muzica straina Learn The Dark melodia cuvintele. Cadacross versuri asculta ultima melodie album descarca cuvinte versurile melodiei versuri.

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