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Don't you want to see how it ends? Gaze the comets that scrape the sky Close eyes and make a wish? Don't you pray for the stars to fall? Eternally burning chaotic brightness Further from our galaxy where ignorance meets king fear they came... Descent from heavens on to the earth destructive angelhorde Bring sorrow for tomorrow summon endless agony For wounded we are on our crusade to a lost paradise Oh' how my heart yearns back to shores of everdark Chariots of fire flew downwards from heavens blue Over lands, lakes, over mountains high dashed Faethon on his way Thousand stars burn in the night Blazing glory ride on the final day At last as one, we can be united None better, none less as we merge with the stars At last as one Thousand stars burn in the night Blazing glory ride on the final day At last as one...

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