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Versuri Morningstar

Ages ago in a region far North there godly breath roared throughout the earth Shaped the stones, built mountains high Invoked forests verdant and oceans wide Then made rapids to roar across the wild untamed With blooming fields of gold woody lands he framed Gave name to all those places that yet were without or at least that was what he thought for there was a place he did not know of... ? Majestic sight it must have been when the Griffin twins took on the wing Faster than winds, shreaking like hell Seeking the one who disturbed their peaceful sleep Their beating wings revives the dreaming fire now those flames burn forever more With sparkling claws they shatter the earth and rape the dawning life Underneath the blaze of Morningstar

Piesa Cadacross muzica ultima melodie asculta versuri melodia ultima melodie cuvintele muzica. Ultima melodie muzica straina Morningstar versuri cantece.

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