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Met a girl on a trip to Spain Took a walk and in the rain Dinner by candle light Every night She was every man's delight Had a trip _________ in Bentley and my Hummor And I feel in love Instantly,the way she put that thing on me (Chorus1)I've kissed the most exotic face From London to Honolu Made love in the most romantic places What more can one man do (Chorus2)Livin' in a world of girls It's like swimmin' in a sea of pearls Taste like caviar Watching shooting stars Like silk to the touch Diamonds in a rush Had a girl who a beauty queen Most beautiful one to me Straight out of a magazine Centerfold Took a ride on my glass bottom boat Puerto Rican,Dominican,Americana And beautiful Rio Janiero And they all look so good to me (Chorus1&2) Take a ride in a air balloon Through the sky on a night with a silver moon Like the first time lovers kissed Like the first time lovers wish come true Like you said that the heat is on Like a rush when you know that you've found that one (It feels so good to me) (Chorus's)And last verse again

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