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Hey little shorty (Yeah, I'm watching you) Can we get naughty? (Flying high) While we keep creeping (I'm the bird of prey) Let him keep sleeping (Here I come baby) He leaves you every night He doesn't do you right How could he jeopardize? There's hawks up in the sky, whoa 1 - And like a bird of prey My vision can sense the night From miles away Like a shadow I'm all over you 2 - Hey little shorty (I'm stalking you, I'm watching) Can we get naughty? (I'm your black hawk in the dark) While we keep creeping (I'm swooping through your window) Let him keep sleeping (I'm you're black hawk in the dark) You got so pretty eyes So dark and so sexy They tantalize In the midnight sky I'll give you wings to expand That will take you high To get away from the vulture Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (2x) 3 - Black hawk, black hawk Black hawk, black hawk Black hawk, black hawk Black hawk, black hawk Repeat 3 Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (2x) I'm watching you, I'm watching you Let's get naughty, player Repeat 2 Hey little shorty Come on now, come on now

Versurile cuvinte album piesa ultima melodie Joe. Versuri ultima melodie descarca Black Hawk melodiei versuri asculta asculta muzica straina.

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