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No no no no... Check it I can't buy you fancy rings Or all of the expensive things you're used to, baby No trips around the world, no diamonds or pearls To give to you, baby But what I've got a give is more precious Than you'll ever know My deepest inner feelings, my heart and soul Chorus: Cause all that I am, is a man in love with you Cause all that I am, is a man who's heart is true And in love with you Oh baby Oh girl, yeah, yeah Girl I know you're not blind Cause when I look into your eyes, you meet me half way Yes you do Just accept me as I am Try to understand, that I want you always Just give me the chance and I'll show you The world my love, yeah, yeah My deepest inner feeling, my heart and soul yeah yeah yeah DENY IT ALL YOU WANT I know you have your doubts about me (your doubts about me) Just put them all aside And follow where your heart leads Cause all that I am is a man who loves you All that I am is a man whose heart is true Cause all that I am is a man who loves you Man in love with you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oooohh, yeah, yeah Oh, ooo, yeah Man in love with you

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