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(Spoken:) Wait a minute, baby You packin' your bags How soon Naw, don't do that Wait a minute Why don't you stay a while How soon We can work this out Sit down Let's talk about it CHORUS: I miss your smiling face The smell of your perfume Girl, this damn bed is cold Nothing to hold on to Oh yeah, the phone is cool But girl, I need you here Be it plane, train, or automobile How soon can you get here I'm gonna miss you More than you know Every time you leave I wanna beg you not to go We have so much fun, girl Don't we though When you pack your Bags to leave I try not to let My feelings show It's so hard for me Especially when You been around Distant lovers Is what we are And girl It's breakin' me down Repeat chorus When will I see you? It's never too soon Can you come In the morning And leave later On that afternoon? See, I'm just as scared Whenever you're away Girl, I'd give anything Just to see you everyday It's so hard for me Especially after You've been around Distant lovers Are what we are And girl It's breakin' me down You're a career girl You gotta do What you gotta do As much as I want You here with me Girl, I'm so damn Proud of you Repeat chorus twice Get here, get here Yeah, yeah How soon Ooh, baby Girl, I hate to see you leave Can't you see it's killing me Be it plane Train or automobile Get here Repeat chorus twice

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