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Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh, yeah Girl you know I meant to call you that night Don't talk about that, I'm calling you now I'm feeling horny and I want you so bad I'm picturing that I'm seeing your mouth I remember what you said you do with your lips Said you know all types of tricks Are you ready for a taste of this? Yeah I hope so I'm ready to be exposed To every little single detail that you told me 1 - Yeah I know that you talk a good game But tonight you'll say my name I wanna kiss you on your private spot And I hope you do the same And when I'm done don't be telling your friends Our relationship will end So keep it on the low I wanna do you slow, for sure You're not my girl so just keep your mouth closed 2 - I've been hearing that you're freaky And you've been trying to get at me Come over have a drink Cause I wanna get crunk tonight Leave all your worries at the front door Don't be scared, get what you came for I ain't trying to play around I just wanna get crunk tonight How long it's gonna take for you to get here? It shouldn't be long You said you live near I'm looking forward to this late evening I'm massaging your skin and breaking you in I remember what you said about the tub So I went and filled it up I wanna cut it up the suds, yeah Let's get to it Stop frontin' girl let's do it I'm tired of all your talkin' Girl it's time to prove it Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (2x) 3 - Let me see you Nod, nod, nod your head When you get in my bed, bed, bed, bed, bed Just go below the sheets and satisfy me And I'm gonna moan for you in harmony Then I'm gonna kiss, kiss, kiss your lips The ones below your hips, hips, hips, hips, hips I'll go below the sheets to satisfy you And you're gonna moan for me in ecstasy Repeat 3 Repeat 2 Uh, freaky, freaky Oh yeah, oh yeah I wanna get crunk with you, oh yeah cuvintele melodia melodiei album descarca. Versuri ultima melodie asculta ultima melodie versuri Get Crunk Tonight cuvintele muzica straina melodiei cuvintele Joe.

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