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Versuri Wizard of the hood

One time, the ICP with this shit For you and your boys to say "fuck yeah" to Yo, G, kick some of that shit about the wizard and all that Drop a psycho beat and go on and rap, bald-headed fuck Aw shit, homeboy, you should of seen me I was flipped at the party drinking a fifth of MD Straight passed-out on his mother's bed With seven cans of brew going through my head Dreaming, I was sipping on Faygo With my dope posse, hear comes a tornado Huh, I can't run no where Cause the whole damn house was spinning through the air (damn!) And don't laugh just yet And it bland my motherfucking eyes bet And here comes a three and a half foot pimp With a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp Yo, I gotta grip on my weapon Cuz this midget motherfucker and his boys are stepping "Oh my, look at the witch You crushed and killed that wicked old bitch" And they saying that I'm doomed Cuz I killed some ho that rides on a broom Fuck this, I'm going back to where I stay And I walking down the yellow brick alleyway

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