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Versuri Welcome to the show

Well hello boys and girls come on in see the show. Its the mistical, magical, great dark carnival. Don't bother lookin for parking, get rid of it, it aint like you ever coming back you fucking idiot. The carnival emerges only when you bout to die, and right now mother fucker you are dead in the sky. So come and put your soul up on the murder go round and we'll strap you down and spin you into oblivion. I got a spike for yo neck with my ninja blow gun because i be the jugga loda dada loda sho-gun. I swings my sword down and split you in two before you even fall i bitch smack both of you. Welcome to our carnival 50 thousand juggalos, freeks and wierdos and killas at our shows. I'm just glad we down wit em' hate to be yall. And have a juggalo shatter my skull for the carnival.

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