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Versuri When vamprio gets high

And we're ready, just remember to be smooth you gotta be faster tho We gotta go through it faster Why? Because we dont have that much space I'm feeling it Then we gotta brake it up The name is Vamiro, go The name is Vampiro, go Vampiro child of the rancid rechid darkness Vampiro I truley am a juggalotus manik killa Super unkown hero Vampiro Yea a true hatchet ryda long rain the lotus killers Then again it's my privlage to power bomb your fucking ass On a bed of butcher knives motherfucker Mothafucko Open up the ?pandoras? bottom bitchboy And I am 1 of 6 killas, the Jamie Monoxide (Jamie Madrox) oh fuck ok that's that dude from Twiztid Shaggy (Monoxide) Blaze whut the fucker ever Monoxide (Blaze) Blaze And of course Violent J With blood trails drain through the streets of detroit Like faygo off a juggalos dick motherfucker (A juggalos body) Oh The result of 6 sireal mudering maniac killers killing mudering stabbing (Chopping hacking cutting shooting) Cnd maybe lighting your fucking dick on fire bitch (Whoo!) All hial the lotus pod from hence we came And when our job is complete we will return to (In your ribs, in your ribs) in my nuts (no in your ribs) aight (The lotus pod) The lotus pod (The lotus pod) the lotus pod fucker, the next level, 6 maniac killas The lotus pod (the lotus pod) the lotus pod (Look at me not the mic, i meen the micraphone not me, dont look at me look at the Micraphone) I'm lookin at the micraphone man, (the lotus pod) the lotus pod (the lotus pod) My big dick (your big dick) my big... dick! (Alright thats a rap)

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