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[Violent J (Shaggy)] (Hey yo J) What's up player? (You know they don't like juggalos over there) Right (50 bucks says you don't get nothin) Man, let me tell you somethin Check this out (What up?) It might sound shady But I fuck a rich hoe named Grady. They call her that cause her hair is blue, She's one of them rebellious rock chicks too. Anyway she has a big hoop in her neden, Rings, chains, needles, pins, and things Tatoos, it might sound fierce, But I swear to God the bitch gots her butthole pierced. She told me she liked it rough, I'm like straight, First thing she did was punch me in the face, I'm about to plant one to her jaw, Before I could she was tounging my balls, Oooooh whadablah, I dropped my weapon, Looked down and my nuts was kicksteppin, We was butt naked all over the floor It felt weird though cause we was at the Faygo store.

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