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Knockin' on my shoulder's some liquor stinkin' jerk To bother me Even Rock 'n' Rollers need some peace and quiet And their privacy God knows this is not a friend Just someone tryin' to use me in the end It's just my situation, my frustration tries to get The best of me WHO ARE YOU AND WHATCHA WANT? WHO ARE YOU AND WHATCHA WANT? Money can buy freedom but no love, maybe some False security You can try to work me, you can't hurt me You can't fake sincerity No need to live up to what you expect Of course I'll give you equal respect But I don't waste my time with no slime I don't burn my bridges - maybe just one lane WHO ARE YOU AND WHATCHA WANT? WHO ARE YOU AND WHATCHA WANT? Locked up with a complete stranger In a bathroom, lost in an eight-ball With great plans for the world's salvation ...Down the drain by the pain of the morning light piesa melodia melodiei. Muzica straina piesa melodiei Hanoi Rocks Whatcha Want piesa ultima melodie cantece descarca melodia versurile piesa versuri versuri.

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