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Versuri Beer And A Cigarette

Well I met her yesterday, She just came into my way, And I was so surprised She told me that she loved me, Always would be true to me, Never tell no lies to me She said her love was free, And I thought that I might, Just take a chance on her Try hard to get into her, You know what I did I told her that I love her, Told her that I care, I said I'd be free to ride And to do it anywhere, Never want no love affair, I just like the clothes you wear There's one thing I gotta do, Before I kiss you (I wanna beer and a cigarette), I've got to get myself an ice cold beer, (I wanna beer and a cigarette) And I need a cigarette, Well I, I didn't come here for no fix, I just need a beer (I wanna beer and a cigarette), Oh babe, I got to get myself, (I need a beer and a cigarette) Lord, theres only 2 things on my mind, (I wanna beer and a cigarette), Too much ain't enough (I need a beer and a cigarette), Well and a cigarette, and beer

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