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Versuri A Million Miles Away

Took too much of this, had too much of that But with you I never got enough I thought there'd never be love in my life And that's sad 'cos when I think what I could've had It makes me feel so bad I smoked a lot of sky, I drank a lot of rain Anything to ease my pain But now your touch is all it would take And that's a shame 'cos I can never come home again And you're a million miles away I'll never get a chance to hold you So my message is the wind I pray that it gets through to you Loving you was so easy And leaving you was so very hard And now I'm living in this ocean of blue In the corner of a prison yard I should have listened to you Now youΓƒ‚´re a million miles away I never get a chance to hold you Please don't be thinking of me (x3) Please just forget about me

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