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Versuri Designs On You

Goodbye So now you're leaving I hope you're feeling Real good about it And will not doubt it When you're without me And the pain hits back No more No more new music No more tapes I'll make To help share this lonely heartache If that's you want It's only you I want As it's only human If your mind should change You find out about your friends When you're out on the leap It's hard to socialize when of you is all they speak Can't find no place to hide When trying to be discreet With my designs on you So wrong... But It just feels so right When we hold tight Everything is alright And this with all my might I try believing If that's deceiving Then I'd rather lie You could go surfing on the tears that I have cried No matter how I try I can't say the last goodbye The love in my heart can't deny To hide my designs on you No harm I meant for no one And I don't owe one To myself or no one I'm on my own now You might be alone now Well, I'm still here with Designs On You

Mp3 Hanoi Rocks melodiei melodiei piesa ultima melodie. Cantece album versuri melodia cantece Designs On You descarca versuri descarca cuvinte melodiei muzica straina.

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