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I'm gonna take a holiday, Be somewhere far away, I won't be back for awhile For a long long time, I wanna get away from the west To the place that I like best, And where the nights are long And the girls are pretty I'm goin' to rock till I drop, Around the clock, And never ever gonna stop Gonna send you a postcard from Hanoi, I won't be comin' back So beware, my baby, (Well) I am ten thousand miles away The Chinese girls make me happy, its enough if i tell 'em I'm not from the U.S.A., And they believe every word I say Hanoi rocks every morning, At night I'll fall asleep To the smell of romance, As I see my geisha girl dance Round and round the world goes around, I used to believe I was such a happy guy Now I've found my place on earth, Leavin for Europe just can't be worth Baby, baby, won't you take my hand, To aikido garden Well you understand, Propaganda surrounds us but never mind what they say, I ain't goin' back home, I ain't goin' back home Chinese guys make me happy, But its enough if i tell 'em I'm not from the U.S.A., And they believe every word I say There is no holiday, 'Cause holiday is every day And let me tell you the truth, If I leave I'd be a fool

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