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Versuri What A Woman Feels

Written by Billy Burnette, Annie Roboff, and Dennis Morgan. First time I saw you, had that one thing on my mind How to be a better person, be a little more kind First time you saw me, had that look on your face Wonderin' was I worth it, or would I be a big mistake Mystery eyes starin' back at me With the answer to the question of eternity (chorus) What a woman feels You will never know What a woman feels She'll keepit inside her soul Until she feels that you're for real Then I walked up to you, that's been a while ago I've learned so much from you, On our journey down this road Well you showed me how to laugh And you taught me how to cry When to hold you tight, when to let you fly Thought I knew my way around this big old world Oh, what I've learned since I loved you girl (repeat chorus) (bridge) Now I wanna listen When you got something weighin' on your heart I'd been missin' it Thinkin' I was so smart (repeat chorus)

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